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Our areas of Expertise

Our consultants have experience and expertise in the Insurance, Marketing and Human Resource sectors, as well as the recruitment of Graduates. We are also positioned to provide staffing solutions over a number of other sectors.

With an ever growing network of clients, candidates and business links we are ideally placed to provide you with the correct resource for your company.

Why work with Newline?

Many people in the working world will inform you that the list of reasons to work with a recruitment agency is short - and that the list of reasons why not to do so is long...very long! We want to change that opinion.

Providing a candidate to fill a job is one thing but providing an all round exceptional service is another.

Commitment to building long lasting business relationships, maintaining the highest level of service, integrity and ethics are our core values and Newline is a developing company with a will to differentiate ourselves from other agencies.

With a clear vision, high level of expertise and ever growing candidate and client base, we are dedicated to the businesses and people we serve.

The Relationship

We want to better understand your business and hiring requirements. Our aim is to build a relationship based on trust and level of service where we only put forward suitable, qualified candidates for each individual assignment.

Our desire is to personally meet, interview and understand all our candidates. This gives us the confidence that we are providing only the very best personnel.

Value for money

Newline has developed a fee structure which we feel best represents what we do. In our opinion the majority of current recruitment agencies do not offer value for money and the level of service and candidate does not reflect the price you are expected to pay.

Pricing ourselves much lower than the majority of recruiters does not represent a poorer service, but a realistic notion of what we aim to achieve. 

Time is precious 

Time is money.

Thorough review and filtering means any profiles and CV's we submit are carefully selected and worthy of your consideration for the role.

Our aim is to send the appropriate number of CV's per job role.

Care and attention on our part saves you time, resources and an advertising budget in the long run by ensuring you only receive the best qualified candidates for us.


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